Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep Better?

As cannabidiol products grow in popularity, our understanding of how to use them expands too. From bath bombs to edible gummies, cannabidiol, or CBD, is being used in a variety of contexts to help with various problems. Known for calming and medicinal effects, you can use CBD for several ailments and conditions. The question is: Can it help us sleep?

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What Are the Benefits of Telemedicine?

As technology changes, it affects every facet of our lives, including our healthcare. While telemedicine isn’t a new concept, the way we use it today has changed significantly from its inception. In the early 1900s, transmissions of heart rhythms, known as “telecardiograms,” were sent via telephone; now, we can use video conferencing to visit with our doctors and other specialists. Answers from medical professionals are just a click away. The internet and improved personal computing have made telemedicine more viable than ever.

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