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Set a routine bedtime

Often, people will go to bed earlier in hopes of making up for lost sleep. This strategy usually fails because it increases more wake time in bed, creating more anxiety about not being able to sleep.

Think twice about meds

When people wake early in the night they will often reach for medication. This is a poor strategy as the body does not have time to process the medication and be ready to function during the day.

Avoid light after bedtime

People who wake at night, often get out of bed and watch TV, read or get on devices to try to “shut off” their brain or look for solutions. This strategy is seldom successful as light reduces melatonin production, which not only reduces sleep but also has other health consequences.

Protect your ‘Rhythm’

Waking too early can be related to various changes in circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm changes can happen over time due to poor sleep schedules, after experiencing a tramatic event, shift work or even travelling.

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Somly treats clients with insomnia, age 25 and older.

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Somly treats clients with insomnia, age 25 and older.