Trying to be more productive, we equip ourselves with biohacking, mental health and mindfulness apps, fitness trackers, and all the other products of the wellbeing tech industry. Yet, sometimes all we need is… simply a good sleep. Or is it so simple?
When every night is a struggle to get into truly restful sleep habits, the mind can become another challenging barrier. That is why CBT is seen by many psychologists and sleep therapists as an essential tool to combat insomnia.
If you were diagnosed with sleep apnea insomnia and you’re still waking up during the night, it may be worth considering cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT-I is the only scientifically proven, non-invasive insomnia treatment to help you stay asleep.
The care you’ll receive from trained medical professionals will educate you on normal sleep patterns, identify insomnia triggers and how to resolve them, and introduce coping mechanisms for daytime functions and time changes.
We’ve found that once you train your brain to sleep, anxiety begins to fade away. You begin to be more productive during the day and you find more time for relaxation! Satisfying sleep is no longer a wish, it becomes a nightly habit, with Somly.
If you’re stuck in a sleepless rut worrying about your lack of sleep, you could be experiencing sleep anxiety. This sleep anxiety cycle contributes to many individuals’ long-term insomnia symptoms. Negative emotions surrounding one’s ability to sleep can make sleep a challenging, scary process that only worsens insomnia. CBT for insomnia is a long-term solution 70-80% more effective than sleeping pills.

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