A woman grasps chest while sitting on her bed
If you are dealing with sleep deprivation, you can feel the mental and physical strain on your body. Sleep affects every part of our being. It’s vital to our overall health and well-being.
Woman lays on her bed with a pillow resting on her head staring into the distance.
Being unable to sleep is a terrible feeling. You feel physically exhausted, mentally drained and helpless as you try to get a good night’s sleep. Most people have periods where they have difficulty sleeping, but how do you know if it’s insomnia?
Are your patients not responding well to treatment? This could be due to a lack of quality sleep. It may be time to incorporate CBTI into your practice to get the best results. Listen to Dr. Oexman speak at the 2020 Parker Seminar in Las Vegas about how sleep can impact your patients’ treatment process.
As cannabidiol products grow in popularity, our understanding of how to use them expands too. From bath bombs to edible gummies, cannabidiol, or CBD, is being used in a variety of contexts to help with various problems.
As technology changes, it affects every facet of our lives, including our healthcare. While telemedicine isn’t a new concept, the way we use it today has changed significantly from its inception.
One couple sleeping
Sleep is incredibly important to your overall health. Your physical, mental and emotional well-being depends on a good night’s sleep. What if you are unable to get decent rest because of your bed partner’s sleeping tendencies?

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