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Going Back to Work During COVID

While COVID-19 has upended many of our lives and placed an additional daily layer of fear in our minds, it is also the culprit of insomnia for some. Instead of sliding between the sheets with the next day to look forward to, the coronavirus causes many of us to stay up beyond our normal time, anxious with fear of the unknown.

Sleeping for Two

Being pregnant is a wondrous, exciting and—let’s face it—exhausting adventure. It’s important to take of yourself and your growing baby during this time. With a few proactive steps, you can increase the likelihood that you will fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply, and through the night. Sweet dreams!

Sleep Divorce: What Is It & Is It Right For You?

A woman lying in bed frustratingly looking at her sleeping husband.

One couple sleeping

Sleep is incredibly important to your overall health. Your physical, mental and emotional well-being depends on a good night’s sleep. What if you are unable to get decent rest because of your bed partner’s sleeping tendencies? From snoring to nighttime movement, there are several things a bed partner can do to disrupt sleep. According to a survey, one in three Americans say their partner’s sleep problems negatively impact their quality of sleep.

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