Living with Symptoms of Insomnia is Hard

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends adults get seven to eight hours of sleep each night to maintain their health and mental well-being. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, CBTI may be right for you:

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Reliance on sleeping pills

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Worries about sleep

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Trouble falling back asleep

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Unrefreshed sleep

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Difficulty falling asleep

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Diminished focus and attention

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Daytime fatigue and tiredness

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Reliance on naps

Lack of sleep can affect your health, work performance and quality of life. Many adults experience short-term insomnia, which can lasts for days or weeks, but some adults have long-term insomnia that lasts for a month or years.

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Causes of Insomnia

Life changes impact us beyond daily stress, often translating to problems sleeping. By identifying and treating the underlying causes of stress using CBTI, you can resolve insomnia without drugs or supplements. Here are some of the most common underlying causes of insomnia:

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Breakup or Divorce

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Stress at Work

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Death in the Family

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Additional Responsibilities

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New Baby

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Lack of routine

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Medical conditions

Changes in activity or health

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Drugs or alcohol abuse

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New Baby

Sleep is just as important to your health as a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Whatever your reason for sleep loss, insomnia can affect you both mentally and physically. People with insomnia can recover drug-free in just 6 weeks with CBTI.

Diagnosis & Treatment with CBTI

Our interactive program guides you through the process of changing your thoughts around sleep. We teach you how to identify the internal and external factors that rob you of rest before retraining your brain to discover its drive for sleep. Depending on your situation, the diagnosis of insomnia and the search for its cause may include:

Take a brief, online sleep assessment

Schedule a virtual call with your sleep coach

Complete your 1 week sleep diary

Apply proven techniques to improve sleep

Leading Industry Experts Endorse CBTI as Treatment

CBTI (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) is the only scientifically proven, non-drug insomnia treatment. CBTI is 70-80% more effective than sleeping pills* and reduces or eliminates sleeping pills in the vast majority of patients. Our 6-week, online program is based on research and clinical practice. CBTI is recommended by Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, WebMD, National Sleep Foundation and the National Institute of Health.

*J Thorac Dis. 2018 Jan; 10(Suppl 1): S94–S102. doi:10.21037/jtd.2018.01.35

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Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) Program

We understand that not getting enough sleep may be frustrating and embarrassing, so we make the following promises to protect your privacy,improve your sleep and ultimately your quality of life.

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Benefits of CBT for Insomnia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia is well regarded across the sleep community for its effectiveness in treating insomnia without using medication. If you choose to go through our online program, you may see a variety of benefits.

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Improved Mood

When you get better sleep, your mood improves and you can experience less anger and anxiety.

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Long Term Solution

By treating the root cause of your insomnia, CBTI keeps you sleeping better for longer.

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Real Results

CBTI works with your personal sleep needs and creates a sleep-wake schedule that works best for you.

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Tips & Resources to Help You Sleep Better

Looking to learn more about how you can overcome your insomnia? From debunking popular insomnia cures, in depth looks at cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, to uncovering Spielman’s model, you can find an array of tips to help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve at the Somly blog.