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Start incorporating these quick tips:

Limit evening alcohol

Drinking alcohol around bedtime may cause extended periods of time awake at night. Alcohol has an agitation phase 2 to 3 hours after going to bed. Limit alcohol intake to one or two dinner drinks, if desired, and always 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Avoid light after bedtime

People who wake at night often get out of bed and watch TV, read or get on devices to try to “shut off” their brain, or look for solutions. This strategy is seldom successful as light reduces melatonin production, which not only reduces sleep but also has other health consequences.

Set a routine wake time

People that are awake for long periods at night will often try to make up for lost sleep by sleeping later in the morning or sleeping longer on days off. Inconsistent sleep patterns alter Circadian Rhythms and can increase the severity of insomnia.

You are not alone.

Do you wake up multiple times during the night? Or toss and turn for hours trying to get back to sleep, getting more anxious the longer you lay awake?
Hear from patients who have successfully started falling back to sleep within 15 minutes.

Lack of sleep can affect your health, work performance and quality of life. Luckily, Somly
Sleep Coaches are trained to help transform sleep without the use of drugs or sleep aids.

Somly treats clients with insomnia, age 25 and older.

Dive into deeper sleep; we’re here to help!

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Somly treats clients with insomnia, age 25 and older.