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Effectively Manage Insomnia with Other Health Conditions

Physicians regularly refer patients managing comorbidities to Somly to address insomnia.

CBTI is shown to be effective with insomnia patients also managing comorbidities. CBTI is a non-drug approach to help patients sleep better.

Hear from Dr. Robert Oexman:

“A lot of physicians refer patients to Somly, where they’re trying to manage some comorbidity around insomnia. For example, they may be working with a pregnant person who is also having insomnia. They may be managing anxiety. They may be managing depression. They may be managing pain, for example, and they’re doing that just fine. They just need somebody to help out on the insomnia side. At Somly, we’re happy to take those referrals. We use cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, which is a non-drug approach to help their patients sleep better.”

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