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Patient Testimonial: Recovering after 15+ Years of Insomnia

Do you feel like there’s no solution for your insomnia?
Most of Somly’s patients did, too. 
But we can help.

Hear from Clifford:

“My name is Clifford and I have a compensation consulting practice where I design employee and executive pay programs for pre-IPO and private companies. I manage my own firm, and I’ve had this firm for about 15 plus years.

I’ve kind of had ongoing sleep issues for unfortunately a long time, 15–20 plus years in some form or fashion. As far as the cause, I don’t think there’s one item in particular. I think it was just kind of a confluence of factors, there’s diet, lifestyle, probably over-caffeinating at times, tracking responsibility of having my own consulting practice, family. All created in an environment where I wasn’t resting and shutting down properly.

Before I would generally try to get to bed somewhat early and then I would stay in bed a little bit longer and I wound up just having a really inefficient sleep cycle. I’d be in bed a long time, a lot longer than I was actually sleeping, and I’d wake up and I wouldn’t feel very well rested.

The biggest changes after the program, just to have that sleep coach to kind of run by all those scenarios, know when to stop drinking coffee, at what time of the day, just kind of what supplements, and sleep schedule. There are so many items that I was kind of tracking on my own and not doing a great job of.

Having your own sleep coach is like having your own life coach.

Oftentimes, when you get into sleep issues, they happen in a long period of time. So it’s not something that’s going to get fixed in a week or two. I found this model to be very generous with their time and kind of cultivate those correct patterns. A couple months later, we’re still having these conversations. And so it’s just kind of like, wow, this is really nice to kind of go through the whole program and then kind of continue to right-size it and optimize it as much as you can. That’s great.”

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