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Patient Testimonial: How Charlie Overcame her Insomnia

Meet Charlie. After multiple trials with other sleep aids & medical consultations, Charlie found that Somly’s online program was the solution she needed for better sleep and sustained sleep.

“Hello, my name is Charlie, and I had been a patient of Dr. Oexman’s for about six months. I started seeing Robert around January or February of 2020, and that is after I had suffered for probably a straight year of insomnia. It was literally the worst year of my life. Before I had discovered Dr. Oexman just by googling an online CBTI program, I had had a ton of tests done to figure out what was wrong with me. I had my hormones checked. I had brain scans. I had blood work done. I even tried an in-person CBTI therapist but none of those things seemed to work, and so I was honestly just so desperate. I tried everything you could imagine.

Outside of seeking the professional help with the blood work and the brain scans, I had tried probably a hundred natural herbs and supplements. I had brain therapies done. I had my copper IUD taken out. I had tried alcohol to try to put me into a sleep coma at night. Finally, the last thing I tried was Ambien, and I will say the Ambien worked briefly but towards the second week I was taking it, it kind of started having the same effect that it had originally, and so even the Ambien had stopped working.

At that point, I was literally lost. I wasn’t diagnosed as being depressed but I’m pretty sure I had sunk into a depression. I couldn’t even have a conversation with my husband, I couldn’t spend time with my child, I couldn’t do my job, really anything that required using my brain and energy. Before I discovered Robert, I was down to about three hours a night of sleep and that was going on and off for probably, like I said, a year and so I was probably at the lowest I had ever been.

The last day I had struggled with only three hours of sleep, the day after I reached out to Robert’s online program which is called Somly. I remember I was just so exhausted, just researching and googling. Having to even input just basic information on the website was a struggle because I was so exhausted. The next day I got a couple of emails about the program and actually was asked to set up a phone call with Robert. I am telling you, this was the easiest program I have ever done.

It was online, like I said. I would have phone calls with Robert about once a week. I would fill out sleep diaries just to see what was going on with my circadian rhythm, which I figured out that was the real issue personally, was trying to establish these healthy sleep patterns and get my circadian rhythm back into the right rhythm.

I am my own boss, I work from home, and so I had just slowly started messing that rhythm up because I didn’t have a nine to five and so I would have events late at night or I’d have an early meeting so there wasn’t a pattern. That had really messed up my circadian rhythm initially and Robert really helped me to start establishing those healthy sleep patterns with getting all the blue lights in my house taken out, adding some amber lights, adding just a healthy nighttime routine about an hour before I went to bed. It seems so simple and so basic but that literally changed my life. It changed my sleep pattern. Anyways, I knew I was going to cry, but just helping to establish these rhythms really pulled me out of this insomnia.

I can 100% say that I’ve had … Probably since March I’ve had maybe three bad nights from March to June, but that is it. Coming from struggling with sleep for … Only getting three hours of staggered sleep a night to, honestly, only having two to three bad nights in the past three months is incredible and I owe Robert and Somly so much. Like I said, it is such an easy program. I had gone to see an in-person CBTI therapist, but that was only for about probably four weeks.

One to two sessions of in-person is literally the price of this program. I think I talked to Robert probably 12 times, and so just weigh out the cost. Not only is it easy, in the comfort of your own home, and you can set the time you can talk to him, but you’re saving so much money by just doing it online through him instead of paying an in-person therapist to go and talk to them.

I cannot say enough good things about Robert and Somly, it really has changed my life. My sleep patterns are incredible now, just going to bed at the same time, mostly the same time every night, and then waking up at the same time every morning, that has changed everything. Thank you so much, Robert (Dr. Oexman), I am so grateful for Somly and I hope people see this and just hear everything that I tried and this was the only thing that worked. I’m super thankful, I hope this helps someone.”

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