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Patient Testimonial: Recovering after 20 Years of Insomnia

Kalen struggled with insomnia starting at age 12. She tried other methods but found Somly’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) program to be the cure! Find more energy and focus when your body is getting the true rest that it needs. 

Hi, I’m Kalen and I am a PhD student and I am studying East-West Psychology. I’ve had insomnia as long as I can remember. Age 12, I guess, as far as I can remember to age 32. Just having some angst in the home life and not having any resources to cope with it. It just became the natural state of my sleep. The biggest changes to my life after using Somly have been more energy, more of a dedication to actually doing my work. I can say that I do not have insomnia anymore and that is incredible for me, it actually makes me feel like I want to cry because I felt like this was just going to be a lifelong thing that I’d have to deal with. Through the Somly program I’ve recognized that there doesn’t need to be any anxiety over sleeping.

And even if I have “a bad night”, the next day, it’s fine. And I know that because through the program, I was able to experience that sleeping and I know I will sleep. When I stumbled upon Somly I was immediately hooked because as I said, I’m pursuing my PhD in psychology and I’m very interested in psychological approaches to different behavioral challenges. And I feel like with the CBT approach of Somly there is just not only an accountability for me to actually learn these skills myself, but it felt like, okay, I’m making these methodical steps.

Also, just the layout and the professionalism and how much passion and work is behind the program. My sleep coach Robert was absolutely amazing. The biggest thing that he provided me with was accountability and I felt very comforted in not only his expertise, but his passion for supporting me. I’m actually sad a little bit that it’s ended because I won’t be able to connect with him as often because that’s how impactful he’s been in my life. If you’re someone who’s looking for this change and the cost is a factor or time is a factor, or X, Y, Z, I would just say DO IT. It’s a priceless experience and life changing. 

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