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Our Goal is to Get You Sleeping.

How does it happen? With the help of one of our board-credentialed sleep coaches.
Our team is specifically trained to help you recognize why you aren’t sleeping, and provide the tools you need to successfully sleep. At Somly, our sleep coaches do this better than anyone. You could say this talented group of people are the ones that put you to sleep.


Ana is trained in holistic sleep, sleep coaching for families, and pediatric sleep medicine. She has more than 15 years’ experience in sleep medicine. Suffering from insomnia herself as a teenager, she knows first-hand that of what she speaks. She has an extensive background in holistic sleep coaching, with a focus on both individuals and families, and still gets thrilled by the gratification of using her knowledge to help her patients better their sleep.
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For almost a decade, Misty has been helping people with sleep issues find the relief they seek. Her biggest reward is hearing how good her patients feel when they start sleeping consistently after years of struggles.
When Mysti isn’t helping patients, she “dreams” of laying on a beach or travelling to Scotland. She also spends her non-work hours calming the natural struggle between her dog and cat. If she’s successful in getting those two to sleep, imagine what she can do for you.
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Dawn has been helping people get back to sleep for more than 26 years, and is Somly’s Senior Sleeper. Whether it’s watching an erratic heartbeat after fixing a breathing problem, or training new sleep technicians, or understanding why we yawn, Dawn has pretty much seen all things sleep.
Dawn’s favorite thing at Somly is tracking patient diaries and watching their sleep improve in just a few short weeks. She loves how the program allows people to take back their sleep. Dawn says, “Insomnia be gone!”
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Cali has been helping people sleep for almost 20 years and got into the field because of her strong desire to help others.
Ironically, it was her early work in sleep that helped her understand first-hand what her patients were experiencing. She’d do three night shifts a week in a sleep lab, and then try to sleep “normal” hours the other four days of the week. After living it first-hand, she learned tips and tricks that she still uses with her patients today.
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The Sleep Professor

Dr. Robert Oexman

Dr. Oexman is the Founder and CEO of Somly. He’s dedicated his life and career to educating people around the world about sleep. His depth and breadth of knowledge about the field of sleep is vast, and he uses that knowledge to help Somly patients every day. If you’re having trouble sleeping, this professor’s class is the one you want to take.

You don’t have to do it alone

Personal trainers can help us lose weight and get in shape. Career advisors help us find rewarding work.
Our Sleep Coaches will help you correct the issues that are robbing you of sleep.

With clinically proven techniques, our patients have been able to:

get better sleep

Start getting better sleep within 6 weeks

fall asleep faster

Fall asleep within 30 minutes of your head hitting the pillow

fall back asleep quicker

Fall back asleep within 15 minutes, if you wake in the night

get your life back

Get your life back!
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