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Patient Testimonial: Somly CBTI Cured my Insomnia

“I found Somly online a few months ago and was having challenges with insomnia and Robert (Dr. Oexman) really just, I mean I sleep like a baby now. There’s a variety of things that I learned around really helping control and sleep better. I think the deep concept there is being able to learn how to sleep and how things like light and timing and all these things really impact sleep.

And I think one of the things that is the most cool is if you fall off the wagon, you know the tools that you can use to get yourself back on the wagon. And I think one of the other interesting things is that I just found it on Instagram. And I think that sometimes when we find products online, we’re skeptical and whatnot. And I don’t know how the heck they do his program or particularly which business model that they follow, but just wanted to thank the Somly team, particularly Robert (Dr. Oexman) and I highly recommend if you have any issues with insomnia, giving it a try, it’s not a huge financial commitment and they don’t actually even force you to commit unless it works, so thanks again.”

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