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Melatonin: How effective is it for insomnia treatment?

Melatonin is a widely used insomnia treatment, but its effects are short-lived.

Move past short-term Melatonin to a long-term insomnia solution.
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Hear from Dr. Robert Oexman:

“By far, the most common thing that people take in order to help them with their insomnia is melatonin. But the research is pretty clear on this. If you’re a shift worker and you’re working sometimes days, sometimes nights, or you’re traveling across multiple time zones and you need to reset your circadian rhythm, melatonin’s very effective at doing that. But if you just have generalized insomnia, you’re looking for a treatment to help with that, melatonin probably isn’t your solution. Actually, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine now recommends that CBTI or cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is the best solution long term to help you with your insomnia.”

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