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If you experience difficulty sleeping, an insomnia treatment program such as CBTI could dramatically improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. However, if you are like many people, you may wonder if CBTI is just a temporary solution to insomnia or if it could produce long-lasting results for your sleep habits.

Good news: CBTI is a long-term solution for insomnia. This treatment not only reduces your current insomnia symptoms but also gives you the tools and techniques you need to correct irregular sleep patterns in the future.

CBTI has a 94% long-term success rate because it treats the causes of insomnia rather than just alleviating the symptoms. Read on to learn the benefits you can expect to experience after completing our six-week Somly CBTI program.

What Is CBTI?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) is an evidence-based, non-drug treatment for individuals who experience mild to severe insomnia symptoms. This treatment focuses on changing how you think about your sleep and altering the behaviors you perform before and during your sleep routine.

CBTI practitioners incorporate cognitive, behavioral, and psychoeducational interventions into treatment programs. Each of these approaches gives you adequate training and information to self-regulate your sleep schedule after your treatment ends.

CBTI seeks to examine the causes of your insomnia and reverse any inaccurate thought patterns or unhealthy habits that could be contributing to your sleeplessness. This treatment is currently the most effective therapy for insomnia.

Benefits of Somly’s CBTI Program

At Somly, we offer a six-week online CBTI program that can eliminate your insomnia symptoms and set you on track to adopt a healthy, regular sleep schedule. After you complete CBTI treatment, you can expect to experience the following benefits, long-term:

Fall Asleep in 30 Minutes

One of the primary symptoms of insomnia is being unable to fall asleep quickly. Many people who experience insomnia spend hours lying awake at night and only end up sleeping for an hour or two at a time. 

After completing our CBTI treatment, you will know how to sleep fast and remain in deep sleep longer. CBTI’s primary goal is to give clients the tools they need to correct their sleep schedules and fall asleep more quickly, and most of our clients gain the ability to fall asleep within 30 minutes.

Fall Back to Sleep in 15 Minutes

Many people with insomnia have trouble falling back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. Not only does CBTI help you fall asleep faster after your bedtime, but it also teaches you to fall back to sleep within 15 minutes of waking up during the night.

CBTI alleviates the sleep anxiety that often results from lying awake and worrying about being unable to fall back asleep. Reducing this stress helps you fall back into a deep sleep faster.

Drug-free, Natural Sleep

Taking sleep medications is the first solution many people turn to when they begin experiencing insomnia. While medicines offer short-term insomnia relief, taking them for an extended time could lead you to build up tolerance and dependency.

Tolerance develops when your sleep medications no longer work as well as they once did, leading you to need a higher dose to achieve the same effects. Dependency occurs when you can no longer fall asleep without the assistance of sleep medication.

Unfortunately, both of these effects can prevent you from achieving a healthy sleep routine and relieving insomnia symptoms. CBTI can give you the tools you need to fall asleep naturally and remain in deep sleep longer, allowing you to wean off any sleep medications you currently take.

Be Prepared to Get Sleep Back on Track in the Future

Insomnia is often not a one-and-done disorder. Even if you eliminate your insomnia, it could return months or years down the line, triggered by various events.

Thankfully, Somly gives you the tools you need to get your sleep routine back on track if your insomnia returns. Our treatment program will provide you with personalized resources to assist your specific sleep problems, and you can use these tools anytime you experience difficulty sleeping.

At the beginning of your CBTI treatment, we will advise you to keep a sleep diary for one week in which you record your thoughts and behaviors before bedtime. Pulling out your sleep journal down the road and noting your current thought patterns is an excellent way to find the source of your insomnia and stop it in its tracks.

Adapt to Time Changes with Ease

Time changes can be a nightmare for individuals with insomnia. Changing your sleep routine by even one hour can throw your whole night off, leading to days- or weeks-long insomnia bouts.

However, CBTI can help prepare you for time changes, allowing you to face them with confidence and readiness. Taking measures before bedtime to prepare your body for sleep, such as removing bothersome stimuli and planning to sleep for the same number of hours as you usually do, can prevent time changes from disrupting your sleep patterns.

Is CBTI a Long-Term Solution to Insomnia?

CBTI is one of the most effective long-term treatments for insomnia. This treatment targets and eliminates the root causes of your insomnia rather than alleviating symptoms, which is why it helps more people than other insomnia therapies.

Your insomnia could be the result of several factors, such as:

  • Overstimulating your brain before bed
  • Experiencing sleep anxiety
  • Associating negative emotions with your bedroom
  • Experiencing stress or worry about life events that keep your mind awake

Our CBTI program will help you identify what factors are contributing to your inability to sleep. Knowing these factors will allow you to make permanent changes to your routine that promote a healthy sleep schedule. It will also help you watch out for insomnia triggers that could disrupt your sleep in the future, providing long-term, effective relief.

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