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7 Pillows of Wellbeing: Dr. Oexman speaks

Trying to be more productive, we equip ourselves with biohacking, mental health and mindfulness apps, fitness trackers, and all the other products of the wellbeing tech industry. Yet, sometimes all we need is… simply a good sleep. Or is it so simple?

Recovering after 20 Years of Insomnia

Kalen struggled with insomnia starting at age 12. She tried other methods but found Somly’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) program to be the cure! Find more energy and focus when your body is getting the true rest that it needs. 

Somly CBTI Cured My Insomnia

“I sleep like a baby now. There’s a variety of things that I learned around really helping control and sleep better. I think the deep concept there is being able to learn how to sleep and how things like light and timing and all these things really impact sleep. I highly recommend if you have any issues with insomnia, giving it a try.”